Scientists confirm: That is why smokers are less attractive

Smoking is cool? The times are over!

The image of smokers has changed significantly in recent years. A few years ago, smoking was considered “daring”, “cool”, “interesting” and conveyed the image of a freedom-loving, life-affirming adventurer or an intelligent thinker. Many advertising icons, such as the “Marlboro Man” or the “HB Männchen” have shaped the cool image of the smoker. But this picture suffered a lot. In recent years, smokers have been increasingly excluded from public life and banished to appropriate zones or pavilions or put out front. Does this change in how we deal with smokers have consequences for how smoking is perceived by the opposite sex? A recent study has investigated this question.

Smokers are less attractive to the opposite sex

A study by the University of Bristol with over 500 test subjects looked at whether smokers of the opposite sex are perceived differently from non-smokers - with clear results. The face of the respective non-smoking twin was perceived by most of the subjects as more attractive, both for men and for women.

Identical and yet different

Whether someone is perceived as attractive depends on many factors, such as age, gender and genetics. Therefore, the faces of twins were examined in the study, of which one is a smoker and one is a non-smoker. According to the researchers, twins are particularly suitable for this study because their genetic material is practically identical. The different lifestyles and habits, including smoking, also play a role in how a person develops. The smokers were clearly identified by over 70 percent of the study participants looking at pictures of the faces of the twins.

The results of the study are clear

The study by the University of Bristol, recently published in the Royal Society Open Science magazine, concluded that smoking can have a negative impact on the appearance of the face. Furthermore, you can already see on the face of many people whether they are smokers or not. According to the study, smokers were largely judged by the opposite sex to be less attractive than non-smokers. (fp)

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