Sometimes rather unhealthy: expert tips for jogging in summer temperatures

Expert tips: Joggers do not take any risks at high temperatures

Running is healthy. Scientific studies have shown that jogging is particularly beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. It also helps you lose weight. With the high temperatures currently prevailing in many places, joggers should exercise caution. Health experts have some tips on this.

Health complaints in high heat

Summer temperatures have prevailed in many regions of Germany for days. But while it may not be warm enough for some, others suffer from the heat. In fact, it is not uncommon for symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and tiredness to accumulate on hot days. But there are ways to defy the heat and related health problems. Above all, it is important to drink enough. This is especially true for athletes. Health professionals have even more advice for people who want to exercise in the heat.

Slowly increase your workload

In view of the rising temperatures, joggers should take some tips to heart so that despite good intentions, health does not suffer from athletic zeal.

"Especially those joggers who have reduced their workload in the past few months should not overdo themselves given the summer temperatures," explains Klaus Möhlendick, sports scientist at the Barmer health insurance company in a statement.

"Rather, they should slowly increase their running load and get used to the higher load and the higher temperatures," recommends the expert.

If you exaggerate, you face stomach problems, dizziness or headaches. In these cases it is better to stop training completely as a precaution.

Headgear does not automatically make sense

Möhlendick recommends joggers to drink enough before and after running training. When it comes to clothing, functional clothing is particularly recommended, as it transfers sweat from the inside to the outside.

On the other hand, the heat builds up under thick cotton T-shirts. The same applies to head protection.

“Many people think that headgear automatically makes sense when jogging. But if you mostly run in the shade, you'd better avoid it. Otherwise you sweat a lot more than necessary because a large part of the heat is released through your head, ”explains the health insurance expert.

Jog in the morning or evening and avoid violent speed runs

“When jogging, the time is also important. It is best to run early in the morning or late at night when the temperatures are more pleasant and the circulation is not too heavily loaded, ”says Möhlendick.

In addition, the health-endangering ozone values ​​are the lowest in the morning. The sports scientist also advises caution when running at speed because, among other things, they can lead to circulatory problems.

This is only something for well-trained athletes who can tolerate summer temperatures. But even experienced joggers should avoid long stretches of road in the sun and run in the shade as far as possible. (ad)

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