Researchers: Can a single drug revise the damage caused by age-related diseases?

“Miracle pill” can cure catastrophic neurological diseases
Wouldn't it be wonderful if a pill turned back the internal clock and thereby reversed illnesses occurring in old age? Researchers claim that there might soon be a nutritional pill that shows similar effects. The pill is able to reverse or mitigate the damage done by dementia and other age-related diseases. According to the researchers, it is planned to launch the alleged “miracle pill” in two years.

In the McMaster University study, the researchers found that a pill can reverse the damage already done to dementia and other age-related diseases. The drug is based on a mixture of thirty vitamins and minerals that are already widely used in health food stores and are usually taken as a dietary supplement. McMaster University scientists published their results in the journal Molecular Mutagenesis.

Ingredients of the avoidable "miracle pill"
Lead author Professor Jennifer Lemon said that the early tests of the formula, which contains common ingredients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, folic acid, green tea extract, and cod liver oil, were really dramatic. This new food supplement pill may be able to "avert the negative effects of age". The ingredients contained are usually available anywhere in the trade. The new "miracle pill" simply contains "all positive supplements in one product," reports the scientist. The pill will one day "slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's," the researcher speculates.

Dietary supplements bring remarkable improvements
The current study was done on mice. The animals suffered from the widespread loss of more than half of their brain cells. This loss affects several areas of the brain in old age. "The effects are quite comparable to those of severe Alzheimer's disease," say the doctors. If the test animals were fed with food containing small amounts of the new supplement over a period of several months, a remarkable improvement was observed, the experts explain.

Pill improves the test mice's vision, balance, motor skills and sense of smell
Over time, the new "super pill" completely eliminated the previous cognitive decline, which was triggered by the severe loss of brain cells. "We now hope that this form of supplementation can offset the negative effects of some very serious diseases," the authors explain. “This would ultimately significantly improve the quality of life of those affected,” explains lead author Prof. Lemon from McMaster University. The scientists also found an improvement in the animals' vision, balance and motor skills. The supplement also improved the olfactory sense of the mice. The loss of sense of smell is often associated with neurological diseases, the scientists add.

The next phase is testing "miracle pill" on people with neurodegenerative diseases
The next step is to test the supplement on humans. This is to check whether the positive effect remains or whether side effects occur. The new test phase is expected to be reached within the next two years. “First of all, the drug is tested on people who already suffer from so-called neurodegenerative diseases,” the scientists explain. Research suggests that there is tremendous potential in using the supplement pill to help people who have some catastrophic neurological disorders, Professor Lemon explains. It is questionable whether the pill can actually do this. So-called “super pills” have often been advertised that do not deliver what their inventors promised. (as)

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