New warning against gastrointestinal germs in raw milk

Gastrointestinal infections from raw milk: Minister warns to boil
Fresh milk from the farm is enjoying growing popularity, often it can be tapped directly from a raw milk dispenser. The untreated milk should always be boiled before drinking, warns Thuringia's Minister of Health Heike Werner (left). Otherwise, serious illnesses can occur.

Can milk harm health?
Is milk healthy or harmful? This has been the subject of heated debate for years. For a long time, milk was considered a healthy food, but then studies came up again and again that indicated that the drink may favor diseases such as asthma or diabetes.

However, other studies came to the conclusion that milk is healthy. It provides calcium, fat and protein and, in smaller quantities, also vitamins. However, one should be careful with raw milk.

Always boil raw milk before consuming
For example, six people in Thuringia have gastrointestinal infections from raw milk this year, reports the dpa news agency. Health Minister Heike Werner (left) therefore warns to always boil such untreated milk before drinking.

"Raw milk can also contain pathogens that are very hygienic and keep cool, which can cause serious illnesses especially in children, the elderly and immunocompromised people," Werner said when asked about the dpa.

Consuming untreated milk can make you sick
The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) also recently stated in a statement that the consumption of untreated milk can lead to serious illnesses. The experts also advise consumers to boil raw milk before consuming it.

"The BfR also advises against the preparation and consumption of unheated (" cold ") cocoa drinks or other milk mix drinks (milkshakes) made from raw milk directly on site or at home," the statement said.

Raw milk from the machine
Raw milk is often available for purchase directly on the farm or can be bottled at so-called milk filling stations in rural regions. The farmers' association Landvolk Niedersachsen explains on its website: “The raw milk may only be given on the day of production and on the following day. Continuous cooling must be ensured. ”(Ad)

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