Diet Trick: This month, people are slimmer much faster

When we are slim
Experts recommend that you should only weigh yourself once a week when losing weight, otherwise the daily fluctuations in weight will only put you in a bad mood. Perhaps it would be better to step on the scales much less often. Scientists have now found out which month we are the leanest.

We weigh the most in winter
The gluttony around Christmas time ensures that most of us put on a lot of weight. Therefore, many want to lose weight after the holidays. A scientific study has now shown that we are the fattest in winter. The researchers also found in the study which month we are the leanest.

Influence of Holidays on Weight Gain
In a study, American scientists from Cornell University examined the development of the body weight of 3,000 subjects from Germany, the USA and Japan. Among other things, they analyzed how the various holidays in these countries influence weight gain. "In all three countries, the weight of participants increased within 10 days of Christmas," the researchers write in the "New England Journal of Medicine".

Other public holidays such as "Thanksgiving" in the USA or the "Golden Week" in Japan also ensured that the test subjects weighed more.

Part of the excess weight is quickly reduced
The German participants gained an average of one percent body mass over Christmas. However, half of the weight gained was quickly removed after the holidays. The reduction in the other half is usually still around five months, so until Easter. The Germans had the least bacon on their hips in October.

Better self-control
The scientists have some advice at hand. So you should generally show better self-control during the holidays. In addition, it should be noted that part of the weight gained is quickly reduced, but the other part remains until summer or longer. "Of course, the less you have gained weight, the less you have to worry about losing weight." (Ad)

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