Researcher: Lavender oil works against pain

Lavender oil works against pain and exhaustion after childbirth
Aromatic oil can contribute to pain relief and reduced exhaustion in first-time mothers in the first hours after birth. This is shown by a current study.

In the study, first-time mothers with a perineal incision inhaled 1% lavender aroma oil (Lavendula officinalis) for 10 to 15 minutes four hours after delivery, after another six hours and before sleeping. Sesame oil was used as a placebo for the control group.

All subjects also received standard care including sedatives. Before the start of treatment, one hour after the first inhalation and the following morning, the subjects classified the intensity of their genital pain, back pain and muscle problems, uterine cramps, as well as the degree of exhaustion and the level of stress felt.

It was found that the pain intensity and fatigue in the women in the verum group were significantly lower after the first treatment than before the treatment and compared to the control group. The perceived stress level was also lower. The results were even better in the verum group the following day. Source: Carstens Foundation. You can find the study here.

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